Monday, June 23, 2014

Brown Shoes + Black Pants

Brown worn with black is considered a fashion faux pas, though I haven't quite understood why. I happen to like the colour brown and have worn it with black on more than one occasion and nobody called me on it. As long as you make it look great, there is no good reason to abstain from pairing these two colours.
Here I complimented my all black outfit with brown accessories. Sans jewelry, the look is minimal and the brown brogues and messenger bag compliment the outfit to give it an androgynous look. This black ankle length pant with a paper-bag waist is my new obsession because it's comfortable and versatile. I have also come to realize that my wardrobe once filled with colours is now boiling down to the basics of black, whites and greys. But you know what they say about people who wear black, they lead colourful lives.

T-shirt, Pant, Messenger bag, Sunnies, SocksForever 21Shoes: Thrifted
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar


  1. Nice! I agree I think black and brown go well :)


  2. Great look. I love brogues and you look amazing

  3. I love this outfit! So masculine, so stunning!

    Take care!

  4. Beautiful outfit! So simple, yet so gorgeous! Would be great if we could follow each other on GFC/Bloglovin, let me know! x

  5. Really love how you paired everything here, the pants are perfect!

    christie |

  6. That is so lovely :)) Have an amazing day!


  7. Amazing content !
    Its a delight to go through your blog :)

  8. Nice outfit! black is the good way!