Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stackin' em up

Caution: Please do not try this with Gucci and Prada

This is one of the best yet not-so-practical storage method for sunglasses I have come across! It's great simply because it's easier to have them all in one spot without them occupying too much space, but I believe the downfall is that they are more susceptible to possible damage this way. For a hoarder like me though who has plenty of sunnies (I have more), this idea is nothing short of brilliant. I have collected mine over the years, and usually prefer affordable (read Forever21 and Asos), but plenty to suit my varying moods and therefore can afford to do the above. I can safely stash this away in my cupboard to enable easy access on a day to day basis with offending absolutely no one and nothing. I saw something similar on Pinterest (God bless Pinterest) and ever since then, have wanted to try it out and so far am loving the eye-candy!

A word of caution though: You may not want to try this with your Gucci and Prada. 


  1. Hey ! Thank you very much for your comment :$
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  2. That's an awesome way to store the sunglasses, I will definitely try that out! Thanks for the idea!