Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bright Lights, New Year

It's difficult to describe how 2013 was because it stands to be seen in retrospect, but safe to say it wasn't an easy year. Notions you carry in your head get altered at times, illusions shattered, and dreams that you have dreamt forever can sometimes be postponed indefinitely. It doesn't stop you from dreaming, and it definitely won't stop you from realizing them someday. Quite to the contrary, it makes you charge towards your goals with fervour.
So 2014, have mercy! I start you with a blank mind, and no resolutions whatsoever, except to go with the flow. Make it good!

Happy New Year Everybody! Love.


  1. Good luck next year! I hope its easier for you than this year has been. -Hanna Lei

  2. Thank you so much Hanna! Wish you the same.