Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Blacks

I cannot account for the number of times I have been on the receving end of "Aren't you burning in up in that black top?" or "Are you really wearing black in this heat?", the latest being as recent as two weeks back. I don't think black insinuates winter and as someone who hails black and white as my uniform (as my guy friend recently pointed out), I wont give up on blacks just because the temperature is soaring. Haters can hate, but there is a way to wear black when the going gets hot. Opt for light fabrics and floaty silhouettes to keep you cool. Todays #ootd is an all black outfit (big surprise!) and demonstrates an all black outfit thats perfect for a hot day. The black pleated top is slinky and sheer, keeping it light, whereas the pants are a breezy cotton. The silhouettes are relaxed keeping it minimal and airy for a hot day. Monochrome doesn't have to be monotonous!

Top: Zara, Pant, Sunnies, SandalsForever 21, Bag: Asos
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar

Monday, June 23, 2014

Brown Shoes + Black Pants

Brown worn with black is considered a fashion faux pas, though I haven't quite understood why. I happen to like the colour brown and have worn it with black on more than one occasion and nobody called me on it. As long as you make it look great, there is no good reason to abstain from pairing these two colours.
Here I complimented my all black outfit with brown accessories. Sans jewelry, the look is minimal and the brown brogues and messenger bag compliment the outfit to give it an androgynous look. This black ankle length pant with a paper-bag waist is my new obsession because it's comfortable and versatile. I have also come to realize that my wardrobe once filled with colours is now boiling down to the basics of black, whites and greys. But you know what they say about people who wear black, they lead colourful lives.

T-shirt, Pant, Messenger bag, Sunnies, SocksForever 21Shoes: Thrifted
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Midi-skirts are quite the rage this season, what with Burberry setting the trend in their spring collection. The length is equal parts class and sexy, which makes it perfect for any occasion be it a work presentation or a dinner date. I would personally pick midi-skirts for their elegance over tarty short-skirts any given day. The right amount of leg can be very flattering and looks alluring.

While I know that horizontal stripes are not universally flattering, I, thanks to my good genes and fast metabolism could afford to wear it without feeling uncomfortable. This high-waisted midi-skirt would ideally look great with a black crop-top, but I wanted to mix it up and break the outfit down and chose a white top instead. It's been knotted to show just a sliver of midriff while adding a fun twist to the outfit, quite literally! With bare-minimum accessories, the outfit is ideal for summer mornings. Pair with something sparkly and high pumps at night. Dress up or dress down, this skirt is a winner!

T-shirt, Skirt, SatchelForever 21Shoes: Zara, Watch: Vintage, Earrings: Colaba Causeway, Wayfarers: Rayban
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Little Disco

A little disco never hurt anybody right? I recently purchased this disco-ball of a top because I firmly believe that there is nothing sequins can't solve. This slouchy tee by Topshop not only has mint and silver sequins (the best kind) but is the perfect bling quotient. It's fancy enough to be worn at night paired with leather pants and casual enough to be paired with your skinny jeans or even your boyfriend jeans for a day look. Since my personal style is more laid-back than dressed-up, I decided to pair the top with my skinny jeans. I've complimented the look with shiny silver pumps, because lets face it, one can never have enough sequins. 
I kept the accessories simple and minimal to retain the focus on the top. I just love the reptile-like texture and the zipper detail. The zipper originally comes at the back, but I decided to wear the top backwards-front because that tiny detail makes the neckline so much more interesting in my opinion. So all those of you fighting Monday blues, make a break for those sequins! xx

Top: Topshop, Jeans: Forever 21, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Cotton On, Jewelry: Asos
Photographs by: Neeraj Kedar

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am going out on a limb here and stating that statement earrings is not everybody's cup of tea. Most of us prefer a statement necklace or some arm swag over fancy earrings. I am not big on earrings myself, except, ear-cuffs break that stereotype. Ear-cuffs are a version of statement earrings that are fun, edgy and imply that the arm-party has definitely moved up and above!
This black diamante cuff from Forever 21 that I have worn here is both gorgeous and dressy. It's versatile and can be paired with your classic t-shirt and jeans combination or with your Indian wear as well. This was a single ear-cuff that came with a small stud for the other ear. You can buy these in pairs too, which is mostly determined on how you plan to style it. For cuff-inspiration, take a cue from Emma Watson and Cara Delevigne both of whom know how to sport ear-cuffs without it overpowering your look, while making a statement!

Ear-Cuff: Forever 21
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar

Monday, March 17, 2014


While scouring through the racks of Forever21, trying to find a perfect outfit for my friend's show at fashion week, I came across this blue wide-legged jumpsuit. Tucked away between a floral printed pant and a slouchy black trouser, my eye caught sight of the beautiful blue in this lustrous fabric. My first thought on seeing it was 'nautical' for even the buttons on the jumpsuit have anchors weighing them down. But the best part of the jumpsuit has to be its versatility because you can cross-cross the suspender straps or simply remove them to wear them as palazzo pants.
So while I decided to keep the suspender straps on, I avoided the obvious nautical stripes and rope dance. I decided to go low and gold on the accessories. I slapped on a gold cuff here and a layered necklace there and was good to go. I completed this pseudo-nautical look with aviators and a satchel bag all of which had gold accents. Not to mention my nude ankle-cuff sandals that make bondage seem like a fun idea!

Jumper, Vest, Shoes, Bag, Accessories, Aviators: All Forever 21
Photographs by Neeraj Kedar

Thursday, February 20, 2014

London Fashion Week

London Fashion week was a cocktail mix of Anna Wintour, Kendall Jenner, Bradley Cooper and a lot of glitz. The collections were a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but for the most, Londoners seemed to have broken the myth of being too uptight by embracing prints and graphics on the runway this season. We expect it out of a Mary Katrantzou and a Peter Pilotto, but even stalwarts like Burberry went the graphic route this season. Sharing with you some of my favourite collections at London Fashion week, while fashion zooms in to Milan.

Temperly London

Temperly London

The collection saw a lot of textural play with a mix of materials like lace, organza, knits and quilts added to the colours and embellishments used. There were prints galore that were well balanced with a lot of sheer fabrics. There was rococo prints and embroidery that was art deco inspired, which then leaned towards folk with embroidered roses and floral prints.
The collection was decadence at its best.

Topshop Unique

Topshop Unique

Seemed like Topshop traded the usual sequins for fur and embroidery this season. The collection seemed to forgo the casual vibe that Topshop exudes for a more luxurious approach. The most striking feature had to be the outwerwear with fluffy blue mohair robes, camel coloured capes and fur-lined trenchcoats.
The collection was a mix of fabrics with lace, leather and knits resurfacing often and the leather shorts and the puffer jackets assured the collection was fun along with beings streamlined and classic.

Mary Katratzou

Mary Katrantzou

Known for her digital prints, Mary Katrantzou went a slight different route this season. She used a mix of materials like lace, brocades and pleats to create visual graphics that were tactile in nature. Taking from official uniforms, she incorporated everything from crests, badges and even road signs into her garments.
Some of the pieces that actually stood out were the simpler outfits with the colour blocked pleats and the garments with the exquisite embroidery on it which almost like it has been printed, but better.



After Dolce and Gabbana went the hand painted watercolour way with their gowns, Burberry used hand-painted flower motifs in their collection this season. The painted flowers took the shape of scarves and beautiful floaty dresses. Some were painted on silk trenchcoats while some were painted on leather, suede. Even the bags had smudgy drawings of flowers reminiscent of a kindergartner's painting shenanigans. More defined floral prints came in the form of dresses, shirts and jackets later in the collection.
What stood out were the oversized beautiful scarves draped around the models' necks, and the cashmere shawls in stripes and floral prints thrown on their shoulders. The bags got their due attention as well, which were large totes that were hand-painted. The collection was a far cry from Burberrys usual aesthetics, but was great nonetheless.

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are known for their prints and loud colours and their collection consisted of exactly that, but with embellishments thrown in for good measure. There was a lot of colour play from prints in purple and orange to mountain printed garments. Their fur trimmed funnel neck sweaters looked chic and perfect for fall. The garments were well tailored and constructed, which had the Peter Pilotto stamp on it.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford

The collection was classic and streamlined. There was an overpowering amount of black in the collection with hints of reds here and there. The collection was strong and consisted of wool tunics, sweater dresses and simple necklines.
It wasn't all serious though because there were two sequined jerseys that made big noise and became the talk of the show. For all those who saw Jay-Z wear the Tom Ford knock-off numbered jersey will know that this was Tom Fords take on that. Tom Ford basically made a knock-off of a knock-off.

Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch

Talk about quirky! The handbags designed by Anya Hindmarch were inspired by breakfast cereals and crisps packets. It was a fun take on fashion and the collection was just another in the series of quirky bags doing the round these days.